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Cold Rooms &
Low Temperature Cabinets

In the North West, Froscold has developed a very strong reputation amongst hospital trusts, blood banks and universities for the design, installation and servicing of cold rooms and low temperature cabinets.

Hospital Cold Rooms
We have installed cold rooms in the Liverpool Blood Bank and Manchester Blood Bank and we maintain further specialist cold rooms in Lancaster.

Hospital Low Temperature Cabinets
Froscold has installed Sanyo ultra low temperature cabinets in Walton Neurological Hospital, Liverpool.

University Low Temperature Cabinets
We are contracted to the North West Universities for the maintenance of their range of low temperature cabinets. This covers universities in Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Preston, Lancaster, Bolton and Carlisle.

Cold Rooms For Conservation
We have installed -30 degrees Centigrade cold rooms in the North West Conservation Centre in the Liverpool Museum conservation department. The engineering specification is critical in this application, controlling organisms in the fabrics of old tapestries and furniture.

Temperature Controlled Potato Stores
Close control of temperature and humidity for potato storage is critical and Froscold can meet the specific requirements of farmers for this application. A recent project for Flavour Fresh in Southport, involved the installation of specialised cold rooms for a variety of vegetables and fruit including cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and blackberries.

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration
We work closely with the AAH Pharmaceutical group, installing and maintaining cold rooms and refrigeration cabinets in their locations across the UK. Recent assignments completed in Swansea, Bristol, Southampton, Romford, Gateshead, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Belfast.


24 Hour, 365 Day Service Level
As a major provider of hospital and blood bank refrigeration, Froscold has established a 24 hour, 365 days per year service facility. This facility is also made available to clients in our other sectors of operation.

The Importance of Refrigeration
The importance of refrigeration and cold rooms must not be underestimated, especially when it comes to the storage of medicines and vaccines. The need for effective refrigeration has come into the spotlight in recent times as a consequence of the pandemic. Improper refrigerated storage renders certain vaccines unusable or at the very least makes them less effective. Medicines of all kinds have to be stored correctly and at the right temperatures, in fact this is a key aspect of the return to normality.

Vaccines and medicines must be kept in the cold chain from production to being administered, and the range of temperature is normally between 2C and 8C. A medical fridge will ensure this or if being transported, a cool box. You may think your fridge at home is pretty spot on, but it has nothing on medical storage, which is incredibly accurate. These products also have a variety of features not found in normal refrigeration such as state of the art thermometers. They not only monitor the temperature of the fridge, but also the actual medicine itself. These cold storage solutions have state of the art locks in case of theft, and they frequently include precision built alarms that will go off should the temperature vary significantly. This is crucial as swift action can prevent the medicine spoiling. This is a big problem, as wasted vaccines alone cost the NHS millions per year.

Froscold provide a range of cold storage to meet the needs of all kinds of clients whether medical, educational, food production or retail.

Products include - cold stores, blood stores, ultra low temperature cabinets , both upright and chest freezer types, chillstores, blast freezers, blast chillers, ice banks, controlled atmosphere rooms and positive pressure systems.